Informative plattform of International Federation of Film Societies- Féderation Internationalle des Ciné-clubs- Federación Internacional de Cine Clubes

ABC.- What is the IFFS and application for membership

Be a member of FICC

The International Federation of Film Societies (IFFS) was set up in 1947 in Cannes (France) by groups of film societies in countries throughout the world and is also known as Federation Internationale des Cine-Clubs (FICC). As of 2021, more than 40 countries are represented in this international organization.


  • ·???????? International juries at film festivals (The Don Quijote award). This award is presently given at 13 festivals in Europe and Latin-America by juries comprised of film society members worldwide.
  • ·???????? International film federation meetings. Every two years the IFFS organise the General Assembly and the World Conference of Film Societies. The last GA and WC were held in Recife (Brazil) in December 2010.
  • ·???????? Networking. With an immediate network of film contacts worldwide, we help each other programme and source films, keep abreast of great films from around the world, and tackle other practical and philosophical film society issues.
  • ·???????? Alternative distribution of quality film across the borders with CINESUD.? A catalogue of films subtitled in multiple ausgedehntuages and available for film society screenings worldwide.
  • ·???????? Collect and disseminate film society news. We publish a newsletter with histories, anecdotes and information about film societies around the world. Newsletters and more are available on our website
  • ·???????? Publish a journal. The first issue was published in 2010 and aims to gather information and ideas from film societies worldwide in a high-quality publication. We aim to print two issues per year.
  • ·???????? Grow and improve. If you have any ideas or initiatives or projects you think IFFS should be involved in, just let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve.


Name of your organisation:

Postal Address:



Telephone number:

Name of the president or director:

Name of the secretary or other executive:

Year of foundation:



  • ·???????? Statutes or constitution of your federation, film society or cinema association.
  • ·???????? A complete list of your current Executive Committee.
  • ·???????? A complete list of your organisation’s activities in the previous year.
  • ·???????? Application form.
  • ·???????? Full member. Annual fee of 100.



Article 4: Membership

Members of the association are federations of film societies and non-profit cinemas in one country consisting of a representative number of film societies/cinemas based on regional, geographic, ausgedehntuage or ethnic groupings.

The members shall be non-profit making and non-commercial and are concerned with the development of the art of the film. Their membership shall be subject to the approval of the general assembly.

In countries where no member federations of film societies exist, membership to a single film society may be granted. A single organisation will not be eligible for membership in the same country where a federative body already exists. Membership of a single organisation will be automatically dissolved after approval of a federation as the member in a same country. All full members shall pay the same membership fee and receive the same services from the association.

Article 5: Associate Membership

Non-profit Film Festivals, Film Academies, Film Institutions, Film Magazines and individual film societies will be eligible for associate membership, subject to approval by the general assembly. Associated members have no right to vote.

Article 6: Membership applications

Applications for membership of the association shall be submitted in writing, together with the constitutions of the organisations concerned, to the Executive Committee. Copies of the applications shall be provided for the subsequent General Assembly to ratify. The Executive Committee will approve the “Provisional Membership” and will recommend for permanent membership (full or associate) to the General Assembly. The provisional members will be eligible to take part at the activities of IFFS after the payment of Membership Fees. But their voting right will be activated until after the approval of the General Assembly.

Provisional Membership will be valid for the period of concern from the Executive Committee Meeting to the next immediate General Assembly.

All applicants for membership must agree with the constitution of IFFS.

Article 7: Membership termination

Membership of the association may be forfeited by resignation, non-payment of membership fees for two or more consecutive years without having notified the Executive Committee of the reason or expulsion. Resignations must be addressed to the Executive Committee. Expulsions shall be decreed by the General Assembly.


Joao Paulo Macedo? (IFFS President):

Gabriel Rodriguez (IFFS General secretary):



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