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Call for nominations: FICC-jury 26th Avanca Film Festival, July 27-31, 2022, Portugal?

INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILM SOCIETIES IFFS Dear Friends and Colleagues,Hope this message finds you well and safe. Please find below the call for nominations for the FICC Jury at the?26th?Avanca?Film &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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Call for nominations, online jury at Krakòw Film Festival

NOMINATION FOR FICC JURY Dear Friends and Colleagues, We kindly ask you to inform all your member film societies and non profit cinemas about this offer within the next days. FICC &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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FICC-jury at Nepal International Film Festival, 2021

INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILM SOCIETIES FICC JURIES 2021 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Serve this to let you know the Official Nominations for FICC Jury at  Nepal International Film Festival May 6-10. 2021 Kathmandu – Nepal &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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Call for nominations: FICC-jury at NIFF – Nepal International Film Festival, May 6-10, 2021

NIFF – NEPAL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL May 6-10, 2021 Kathmandu, Nepal. Deadline: April 9 For your nomination, please use the attached form which must be filled in completely and send back by your &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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Official Nominations for Ficc Jury at MDOC-Melgaco International Documentary Film Festival

  MDOC-Melgaco International Documentary Film Festival August 2-8, 2021 Melgaco – Portugal Dagmar Kamlah – Germany Dragan Milinkovic – Serbia António Pita – Portugal The jury nominees will be contacted &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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Don Quixote Award at the 60th Krakow Film Festival

The International Federation of Film Societies (FICC) Jury consisting of: Mira Bernardes-Rusin (Poland), Terry Cloke (Great Britain), Chris Hormann (New Zealand): Has decided to grant the Don Quixote Award to &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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Official nomination, FICC-jury at Troms? International Film Festival 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Serve this to let you know the Official Nominations for FICC Jury at Troms? International Film Festival, Troms? Norway, January 13.-19.2020 El?bieta Piotrowicz – Poland Martin &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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IFFS Jury Report. Carles Font. Cineclub Diòptria (Figueres – Catalonia)

39th HAVANA FILM FESTIVAL 12/17 My experience for the Havana film festival started way before my arrival to Cuba. Since last year, when I knew that Quijote prize was back &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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Don Quijote prize. Etiuda&Anima 2017 – Tariq Porter

Crònica 24th Etiuda&Anima 2017 – Tariq Porter – Cineclub La Garriga – Catalan Federation of film societies Lately, the cinema is getting more and more democratic in technical and logistical &leuchtend leuchtendip; Continue reading

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